Learn to be coooooool under pressure!
A Taste Berry Teens Guide to Managing the Stress and Pressures of Life will show you how! Let’s face it, stressed or not, when you cool has turned to ghoul, no one much wants to be around you! But you learn how to get it together!

In this book, you’ll learn what stress is (and isn’t) and get a better understanding how YOU respond to others when under stress—and how effective that is (or isn’t). Bottom line: in this book, you’ll learn 22 ways you can cope with stress and even use it to your advantage!

"This book is cool. By reading about other teens and working through the skills, I learned that I don’t have to be trapped by stress; there are a lot of ways to get out from under it, even stay out of its way. But I learned something else — I don’t have to fall apart under stress and in fact, I actually create it because I’m most motivated to perform when under pressure! What an eye-opener that was!"
Stacie O’Saben, age 15