As this Pulitzer Prize nominated collection of short stories shows
, it's not so much the event as much as the way we handle it that can infuse our lives with meaning, cause us to set a new goal or, take a whole new direction in life.  As the author explains, “We are hurt less by the calamities of life than how we perceive them.”

"There are times when we are called upon to make a choice — to stand for something. This is a defining moment. Defining moments are crucial moments — the insight gained has the power to put the rest of our lives in focus. Don't miss the experience of this magnificent and heartfelt book."
Og Mandino, speaker and author

"Like Bettie, this book is pure magic. And I couldn't agree more with her insightful words, 'One of the major tasks for which we are charged in our lifetimes, one of the dues we must pay for the privildge of our lives is to learn to love, to come from our hearts, to lead with our hearts.' It really is this simple. It's really the purpose of our lives. Read this wonderful book. It will do your heart good." Wally 'Famous' Amos

"Bettie gives us yet another beautiful book one filled with stories, each one packaged with day-to-day life, tied with bows of vivid detail of the human spirit. Like healthy food nourishes and sustains the body, Gifts of the Heart will nourish and sustain your heart and soul." Jenny Craig, founder and vice chair of Jenny Craig International

"Bettie has uncovered the personal style found deep within our hearts. Through stories rich in detail, the interior becomes the exterior. These are moving stories..." Barbara Hiser, Emmy Award-winning producer, Caroline in the City

"This book shows how to navigate the waters of life. A very, very special book." John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus