This fun book shows us real-life "taste berries” — people who make a difference in the lives of others and by their example, show us how to use the events of daily life to improve the world we live in and the lives of those with whom we share it. As the author reminds us, "It is our obligation — as much as it is our honor — to help others to see their lives in the most positive light. By helping others to sweeten life's joys and ease the bitterness of its losses, to see our world as full of hope, less impossible and more glorious, we nourish their spirit — as well as our own.”

“Rejoice in reading this exciting book”
Millard Fuller, founder, Habitat for Humanity

"These poignant stories illustrate so vividly the power that a simple, selfless gesture of love can have, and how that cycle of love and caring reaches out and affects us all. This book gives our souls a transfusion of hope, and lights a lamp in a dark and cynical world."Mark Miller, screenwriter, Savannah Smiles, A Walk in the Clouds