We like to think of childhood as a carefree, relaxed time of life
, but the truth is, children today experience more stress than ever before: parents’ fast-paced and all-too hectic lifestyles, the frequent breakup of families, schools in turmoil, and a host of other problems. However, according to Dr. Bettie B. Youngs, one of America’s most admired experts on child psychology, parents can help their children by mastering skills of coping and self-awareness and use it to develop a stronger base of psychological hardiness and to foster a greater sense of self-efficacy and hence, a durable sense of self. Stress and Your Child helps parents understand the pressures their children face, and explores the essential ways to reduce and manage stress as well as how to help their children cope through times of “overwhelm.”

In this classic book, Dr. Youngs leads parents through each stage of their child’s emotional and social development and teaches them:

How to recognize the physical and emotional signs of stress in kids

How to help your kids be more resilient to school-related stress, including social pressures

How parental stress affects kids—and what parents can do to alleviate it

How teaching kids self-esteem and emotionally honesty can help them cope with stress

How diet, physical activity and realistic schedules can help to minimize stress

Ways parents, themselves, can learn to manage their own stress—as well as what to do if you’re "passing it on" to your kids

"Stress and Your Child is simply an invaluable parenting guide. No family should be without it!" — John L. Hill, Family Therapist

"Practical and useful. Well written and highly informative. This book will help all parents. I highly recommend it." — Edward Hallowell, MD author, Driven to Distraction