What teens are saying about this devotional journal…
"I lost my dad in a car accident a few months ago, and had been really mad at God for taking him. This journal helped me get to the other side of a really tough time. This book was a turning point for me." — William Shearron, age 17

"This journal speaks to your heart." — Tara Russell, age 14

"Working through 12 Months of Faith has helped me think about what’s really important in my life. It answers questions that I’ve been unsure about, and asked questions I want to get clear about." — Tony Bechan, age 15

"I love this journal. My whole youth group is going to use this for a devotional guide." — Sherre Feldman, age 16

"My home life has not been very pleasant since my parents’ divorce last year. My grandmother gave me this journal — and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Now when things get confusing or painful, I go to my room, shut my door, get out my journal. It helps me gain perspective and feel okay again." — Connor Lane, age 18

"I’ve been struggling with smoking and drinking issues. This journal helped me understand just WHO I am: I’m a child, an 'heir' of God — so I don’t have to follow the crowd. There is great wisdom in this journal."— Kelly Jolley, age 17

"This journal taught me more about what the 'Christian Walk' is than anything else I’ve read, or been a part of." — Jose Garcia, age 15