We want our children to be healthy, happy, capable, well-adjusted and secure in our love.
Insuring a healthy self-esteem is key. Perhaps nothing affects our health and energy, peace of mind, the goals we set and achieve, the quality of relationships or our competence quite so much as the state of our self-esteem. In the face of adversity, a healthy self-esteem serves as a powerful coping and buffer strategy for overcoming obstacles and helps us compensate for weaknesses and setbacks. In the midst of life’s successes it insures that we not unduly magnify our victories.

In the developmental years, parents are the key to helping their children build a healthy and durable sense of self.

A healthy self-esteem is dependent upon positive experiences that shape and affirm a sense of self-efficacy and self-respect, in six crucial areas:

Instilling a sense of PHYSICAL SAFETY in your child—both at home and in school

Building your child’s EMOTIONAL SECURITY—and safeguarding him or her from alcohol and drug use

Creating a secure, sound IDENTITY — "Who Am I?" can be answered with confidence

Developing a healthy sense of BELONGING and friendship—without the need for self-destructive    bonds

Helping your child feel CAPABLE—a sense of COMPETENCE ensures an attitude of "I can do it!"

Helping your child set and achieve worthwhile goals—to gain a real PURPOSE in life

Self-efficacy and self-respect are dual pillars important in the construct of self-worth—and their development must be primarily internally derived if authenticity is to result. In this book you’ll find the tools to help your kids—from toddlers to teenagers—do just that!

"A healthy sense of self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children. This book is a powerful tool in the hands of parents who apply its insights and strategies."
-- Tony Robbins, author, Unlimited Power

"Parents: Read this book now so later you won’t have to say, ‘I wish I had known about that.’ This book is full of specific ideas to help you and your children feel and do better now."
-- Jane Nelson, Ed.D., author, Positive Discipline