Moments and Milestones Pregnancy Journal:
A Week-by-Week Companion

  Pregnancy is a journey, and although its   greatest reward is the destination, the   path itself holds treasures and blessings   among its challenges. The Moments and   Milestones Pregnancy Journal offers the   expectant mother a week-by-week guide   to her baby’s development and her own   physical and emotional changes.

  And there’s plenty of space for her to   explore and record her thoughts, hopes,   and wishes along with the events that   mark this special time.

  For the glorious journey to motherhood,   this beautiful keepsake journal is the i  deal traveling companion.


Through her weekly entries, the expectant mother will:

Track every milestone—from check-ups and sonograms, cravings and mood swings, to that first kick and preparing for labor and delivery

Learn about the amazing changes happening as she nurtures a new life

Fall in love with her child even before he or she is born

Memorialize this special time with a journal she can re-read, and share with her child

What others are saying about this book…

“Because the physical work of pregnancy is so enormously arduous, we sometimes overlook the fact that it is also one of life’s great miracles. This lovely book will help the expectant mother come to know more about the precious life developing within her, and can help her to deepen into the joy of being a co-creator in the most marvelous of miracles!”Jeanne Lucas, M.D., Pediatrician

“From the many years I’ve been a doula, I can tell you that this book will be so very helpful to expectant mothers. What an incredible gift for her heart—and for the well-being of her baby! What an amazing book!”Tracy Hanson, doula

“This heartfelt journal is certain to become a ‘classic’ for the expectant mother—a book she’ll treasure not only while pregnant, but throughout her lifetime. Truly a great gift for the expectant mother’s 'inner journey.’”Susan M. Heim, co-author, Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year

“From my twenty-two-year practice as an OB-GYN, I can tell you that pregnant women worry 24/7 about their developing baby. This helpful and ‘right-on’ journal assists the expectant mother in moving beyond the ‘emotional duress’ of pregnancy, freeing her to more fully enjoy these precious nine months.” Karen Letty, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology

“As a sonographer, I sometimes come across parents who, for one reason or another, are on the fence about whether or not they are ready for this child. But when I show them the sonogram with that little heart thumping, it melts their hearts, and connects and bonds them to this little life. And that’s the real benefit of this lovely book. It can help the expectant mother fall in love with her baby and commit to care for herself and the precious life she is carrying for these crucial nine months. Give this book to every expectant mother you know!”Gail Beauchamp, Sonographer, Scripps Hospital

“As owners of a children’s clothing store, we get to see firsthand those parents who make it their priority to raise loving and caring children. This ‘decision’ to care deeply about being a good parent, we believe, begins during those important months of prenatal life. This journal can help set the stage for doing just that. It encourages the mom-to-be to care for herself physically, emotionally and spiritually—giving her new baby the best possible start in life! Share this journal with every expectant mother you know.” Lynn Ryan, owner, City Kids