Getting Back Together distills the knowledge of what is necessary to repair a broken relationship and provides guidelines to create a relationship that is better and stronger than before.

At a time when you feel most vulnerable and are looking for guidance on what to do, this book offers inside into the two things you can do: take "Path A" or, "Path B." Only one will grow your broken relationship into one that has the potential for recreating lasting love. Such "solid" advice and being shown "the path" can be helpful now. It is not uncommon for fear, loneliness, anger, self-recrimination, blame, and denial to plague your mind when your relationship is coming apart at the seams. Although the circumstances seem dire, they don't have to be permanent — you can do those things that will lead you to the real possibility of recreating a lasting, fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Getting Back Together shows you a possible path for doing just that. Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, which often advocates "put it behind you and move on," Getting Back Together clearly shows you what must be done to give yourself the best chance of reconciliation.

"Finally, a book that is honest, clearheaded, practical, down-to-earth and helpful for those who are devastated by the loss of their partner and are searching for ways to reconcile. If you have broken up with a partner but searching for hope and guidance in getting back together, this book is a must-read. Its soothing advice will provide you with stability and direction for managing the critical and painful time of separation, and direct you along the path of working toward creating a better, and more stable way of loving and living." — Suzy Farbman, author, Back from Betrayal: Saving a Marriage, a Family, a Life