This is a book of inspiration, accounts that show the phenomenal resiliency and boundless majesty of the human spirit. Through the people we meet within these pages, we learn that we can endure a great deal, and that we can triumph over adversity.

Their stories teach us that tribulation is fuel in the soul's journey to become wiser, more astute, compassionate and loving, and that the heart actually uses tough times to show us our potential as humans. While happiness feeds the heart, it is tribulation that opens the soul. What a gracious outcome, what a miraculous knowing.

At the depth of our heartache lies the height and strength of our nobility as human beings.

“A testament to the ability of the human soul to triumph over adversity. This book is sure to touch your heart.” — James Redfield, author, The Celestine Prophecy

“This is a book of stories that will inspire, uplift, motivate and encourage you to experience the power and wonder of God in the calamities of life. Read them and discover how you can triumph through the tragedies, turn the negatives into positives, and turn the obstacles of life into the great opportunities.” — Rev. Robert A. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral Ministries

“Bettie Youngs has the gift of heart-sight with which she gazes into our souls, at the same time compelling us to see our own divine reflections. We are better for the journey through her book.” — Debbie Thurman, From Depression to Wholeness: The Anatomy of Healing