"Magic happens when children see beyond their needs and learn from real heroes.
This book coaches us on the importance of parenting and shows us how to raise "kids who care," building a deep sense of character and compassion in children and society. The concepts in this book can have a dramatic impact on children who will go on to influence the world around them. The world can always use more leaders, heroes, and pioneers—and this book can help you help your child be one of them."Larry King, Larry King Live

"As a sports broadcaster, I know a thing or two about the importance of teamwork. With its practical and proven suggestions, this book offers parents a real chance to make a difference in the lives of their children!"—Dick Enberg, Sports Broadcaster, CBS Sports, and Founding Member, Kids Korps

"Teaching Kids to Care is the parenting book of parenting books in that it demonstrates that helping others gives children increased self-esteem, a feeling of being valued, opportunities to meet different people, and valuable new skills. When kids learn to serve others, they become empowered, knowing that they can make a difference in the world." Jane Seymour, Actress, Parent

"Soul-deep advice, in a skin-deep culture. No society has ever survived its own success, because all before have failed to pass on stewardship and unselfishness to the generations that followed. This empowering book shows us how to be role models worth emulating." —Denis Waitley, Ph.D., author, The Seeds of Greatness

"A splendid job in writing a very important book. The values taught in this book are FUNDAMENTAL in creating a positive peaceful caring world. A world full of "kids who care" is the world we all want. If every parent in the world read this book and act on the wisdom of the words that would happen." –Neil Shulman MD, Author and Associate Producer, Doc Hollywood, Professor, Emory University

"Instilling good values and teaching children the value of service to others will set them on the right path to becoming people who will change the world in the future. I highly recommend Teaching Kids to Care to all parents who are ready to give their kids a great head start in life!"
Jenny Craig, founder, Jenny Craig Inc