It was my honor as President of the United States in 1996 to present Millard Fuller with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our country’s highest civilian award. Millard and Linda Fuller have changed philanthropy. Instead of asking just for money, they asked people to swing a hammer. In so doing, they have built countless houses, strengthened communities, and empowered people of modest means to literally build a better future. The House That Love Built chronicles their remarkable quest to make a difference, one home at a time. —President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Over the past thirty years, my life has intersected with the Fullers as far back as Civil Rights days in the South and continuing through other significant junctures. I have followed with admiration as Linda and Millard expressed their love for God, each other, and humankind by creating Habitat for Humanity, an organization one of my own daughters was privileged to work with in Africa for a period of time. This comprehensive story of the Fullers is, indeed, a book whose time has come . . . to inspire more of us to give our all. —The Honorable Andrew Young, Chairman, GoodWorks International and former Ambassador to the United Nations under President Jimmy Carter, Atlanta, GA

Through the course of American history, only a handful of private citizens have pioneered volunteer movements as profound as Habitat for Humanity. Millard Fuller has altered the lives of the million plus family members he has housed and the millions of home-building volunteers he has inspired. One of the remarkable things about Millard’s legacy is the multiplier effect of his work. Reading Millard’s story years ago made me realize that he and others like him deserve a place of honor alongside the politicians and generals who have long been memorialized in our nation’s capitol. This thought started me on a fourteen-year journey that ended when The Extra Mile Pathway national monument was dedicated in Washington, D.C., in 2005. Today, Millard and his wife Linda are among a select group of men and women immortalized there, a group that includes Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, and Clara Barton! —John A. Johansen, Founder, The Extra Mile Pathway national monument, Washington, D.C.

Millard and Linda Fuller have changed neighborhoods, changed attitudes, and most significantly, changed countless lives. None of us who were part of the Renaissance Weekend 2000 Habitat Blitz Build will ever forget Millard’s sunrise dedication of what had been constructed in five days, America’s first new house of the new millennium. Like that house, the Fullers’ lives are testimony to the power of conviction, tenacity, and friendship. —Philip Lader, Attorney, Charleston, SC, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s

Most impressive is the foundation Ms. Youngs laid for The House That Love Built. Meticulously researched, each fact carefully corroborated, her House is built upon the pure, unvarnished truth of an important story that has yet to be told—until now, and the world will be better for it. The Fullers’ story reveals that a person of faith can remain true to himself, even when caught up in the world of corporate manipulation, when his house is cemented with the following wisdom: Keep your eyes on the mission God has given you, and He will see you through. The road will be hard. The end may be far different from what you ever envisioned, but it will be far more glorious. —Stephen D. Coggins Attorney, Rountree, Losee & Baldwin, Wilmington, NC

I encourage you to read this poignant and inspiring story of a couple who dares to take incredible risks to follow their dreams and make them a reality. But watch out! Reading this book and getting a taste for the Fullers’ vision of the world might . . . disturb you . . . keep you awake at night . . . inspire you . . . to dare to be a visionary leader right where you are . . . today! —Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, former U.S. Ambassador to Finland; Former Board Member, Habitat for Humanity International; Chair, American Red Cross; and CEO, Pace Communications, Greensboro, NC

Through a faithful friend, we asked Millard to spend three days with our Habitat affiliate in Oregon. That step motivated us to expand our annual fundraising weekend. Hundreds of people heard his clear, loving, and transformational vision. The House that Love Built tells of very human lives; of everyday people who were led and inspired to build affordable housing for a million people; and a man who is continuing to serve humanity with a singular purpose. Get into a good chair; your heart is about to be warmed, and your values about to be checked. —Bill Gellatly, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity, Willamette West Affiliate, OR

Millard and Linda Fuller are two of the most inspiring people I have ever met . . . inspiring in what they say and in the way they have lived their lives. Their ministry of providing decent housing for poor families around the world for over thirty years is a story that needs to be heard—and understood. This book spares no detail in telling that remarkable, historical story. —William V. Muse, Former President, Auburn University, Cinncinnati, OH

The House That Love Built is one incredible story! What makes Millard and Linda Fuller’s story so special is their unwavering commitment, even through adversity, to people living in conditions beneath human dignity. They have provided a way for everyone to take meaningful action that benefits not only a single person or family but the whole community. Their efforts have forever changed the lives of millions—from a new homeowner moving into an affordable home, to the volunteer who leaves a worksite knowing she has made a tangible difference in the lives of real people. —Stacey Odom-Driggers, Executive Director, Flint River Habitat for Humanity, Albany, GA

Millard and Linda Fuller’s calling to the ministry, which became Habitat for Humanity, has improved the quality of life for millions. The Fullers’ vision is a true partnership, as The House That Love Built chronicles, empowering those who are most in need. The Fullers modeled their ministry on Christ’s servant-leadership, coming to serve, not to be served. It is this refreshing quality of partnering with those that God has called us to serve that has made Habitat for Humanity unique and outrageously successful. I can personally attest to this vestment of empowerment as I am a Habitat for Humanity Homeowner who now has the privilege of giving back to my community through the housing ministry that Millard and Linda founded. —Michelle Connor, Habitat Homeowner, Executive Director, Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity, West VA

Millard Fuller is a living legend, and an embodiment of unremitting love, compassion, sacrifice, and charity, determined to serve mankind in both word and deed. Thousands of homeless families in my country have immensely benefited from his ministry of Habitat for Humanity. Now that he has founded The Fuller Center for Housing, I am sure millions around the world will be extricated from their substandard housing and provided with decent homes to live in. While I deem it my privilege to be associated with the Fullers and their noble mission, I am proud to call Linda and Millard Fuller the greatest philanthropists of our time! —T. H. Lawrence, Recipient of HFHI Nehemiah Award, India

As a Congressman, I can think of nothing more important than each citizen committing themselves to community service as volunteers. I admire and support the work and life achievement of Millard and Linda Fuller who reflect the essence of this commitment. The example that they have set for our future generations to follow is extraordinary. The Fullers are the American spirit at its greatest! —Congressman Brian P. Bilbray, 50th Congressional District, San Diego, CA

Once you read Bettie Youngs’ book, you will feel as though you’ve always known the Fullers, too. Whether you are new to their story or have shared their path for years, read on and rejoice in their resiliency, courage, and faithfulness. The Fullers truly live the words of their mentor, Koinonia founder Clarence Jordan, who wrote: “the Scriptures should be taken out of the classroom and stained-glass sanctuary and put out under God’s skies where people are toiling and crying and wondering, where the mighty events of the good news first happened, and where alone they feel at home.” —Bren Dubay, Director, Koinonia Farm, Americus, GA

I believe that one day, history will conclude that Millard and Linda Fuller were among the greatest Christian giants of the twenty-first century. A resounding Amen!! to this incredible story, and one that is masterfully told! —Bishop Dr. Gerard Mpango, Anglican Bishop of Western Tanganyika, Tanzania; Founder of Habitat in Tanzania, Former International Board Member of HFHI, 1989–94

Everyone needs to read this book! —Michael K. Green, Executive Director, Harbor Habitat for Humanity (2005 Affiliate of the Year), Benton Harbor, MI

Some years back, I was waiting for my flight back to Australia pondering a problem I had in Australia. I had raised several million dollars and built accommodations for hundreds of homeless. We were discouraged how those homeless treated our property. I saw in the magazine that an organization was doing exactly what I was doing. But they were successful because they allowed people to help build their own places, taught them to budget, and then gave them ownership titles. I immediately wrote to Millard and Linda to come to Australia. We built houses and established affiliates throughout this nation. Anyone who reads this remarkable account of their lives will be inspired by these two twentieth-century heroes! —Reverend The Honorable Dr Gordon Moyes, State Senator, New South Wales, Australia, Former Superintendent of Wesley Mission, Sydney, Australia

Everyone who knows the Fullers are inspired by them! I got to know them in 1995, when Millard and Linda joined our Wisdom Keepers Forum in Istanbul as part of the United Nations HABITAT conference. We were deeply moved at their story and commitment. When David and I got engaged just after the conference, we asked Millard to marry us! The House That Love Built is the extraordinary story of a couple—Linda and Millard Fuller—who, in their lives, lived on true Christian principles, have created a legacy of caring and love in action that has inspired millions. What a story! What a work of God! —Nancy Rivard, Founder, Airline Ambassadors, International, Moss Beach, CA

The House That Love Built is an insightful 30-year history of Millard and Linda Fuller’s extraordinary experiences in creating one of the most renowned humanitarian organizations in the world. Millard and Linda put their faith into action every day and with such great caring. The House That Love Built isn’t just a biography, it’s a call to service! —Christopher Crane, President and CEO, Opportunity International, San Diego, CA

This is an extraordinary book about two unusually extraordinary people whom God has used in a unique way to make life better for thousands of families. —Betty Salter, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity, Pensacola, FL

Bettie Youngs’ book is a wonderful adventure with Millard and Linda Fuller. It richly tells the story of how love between two souls turned into a mission filled with love, a mission which has built homes for those in need throughout the world. We can all learn from this tale and thus enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. Enjoy this truly amazing story. —Neil Shulman, MD, Author, Doc Hollywood; Professor, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

The story of the Fullers continues to unwind through all those whose lives have been affected by their amazing ministry to the world. Thank goodness their lives have been set to words for all of history to enjoy. —Sam Odia, The Fuller Center for Housing, Nigeria

Millard and Linda Fuller are true servant leaders and heroes for humanity. The great news of this most thorough and fascinating book about the history of Habitat for Humanity is that their torch remains bright as they continue to kindle the vision of providing decent homes for our world’s families through The Fuller Center for Housing. —Gary Cook, PhD, President, Dallas Baptist University, Waco, TX

Enjoy this meticulous account of the incredible journey of these two remarkable people, their founding of Habitat for Humanity, and growing it into one of the most beloved nonprofits of our time. —Art DeFehr, Winnipeg, Canada, Human Rights Activist; Former UN Refugee Official

The Fullers are Heroes! The vision for Habitat for Humanity was a gift from God to Millard and Linda. Unjustly ousted from their beloved Habitat, Millard and Linda Fuller founded The Fuller Center for Housing and continue their commitment to end poverty housing worldwide. This book honors all of us who share their vision. —Mary Erickson, Executive Director, Imagine LA, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re still wondering if God works through people, you’ll stop wondering after reading this beautiful, and startling, story. —Barbara Metzler, Author, Passionaries: Turning Passion into Action, Oceanside, CA

History will record Millard and Linda Fuller as among the handful of individuals who have successfully led a movement to transform the world for the better. I’ve been fortunate enough to be witness to their compassionate and inspiring lives and the way the lives of millions have been enriched through their vision. The House That Love Built chronicles the Fullers’ unbelievable journey from peaks to valleys and ultimately to the triumph only the most resilient of spirits can achieve. —Senator Bill Morrow, 38th Senatorial District, Carlsbad, CA

This book sheds profound light on the Fullers’ lives and their vision to raise the consciousness of the world. Bettie Youngs has captured their lives and tells the full story of the thirty-plus year journey of two people who I am honored to call lifelong friends. The House That Love Built is a testimony to the true faithfulness Millard and Linda Fuller have demonstrated by creating thousands of simple, decent homes across the world. This book will inspire you to put your faith into action . . . to build your own House on Love and Faith. —Jim Killoran, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Westchester, NY

From a lonely moment when a TV movie spoke prophetically to the state of Millard’s heart, to a heartbreaking moment seeing their marriage in jeopardy, to a moment of discovery when an afternoon visit brought them into the company of Clarence Jordan and Koinonia Farm, a holy spirit seemed at work to draw the Fullers into one of the great service ministries of the past century. Their story is an inspiration, and having Millard and Linda in our church for a week was one of the high points in my ministry. They have given us a blessing for years to come. —The Reverend Dr. Randal B. Gardner, Rector of St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, La Jolla, CA

Millard Fuller is fond of saying that the only way for bad things to happen in the world is for good people to do nothing. As an attorney, I couldn’t be more convinced of this message. As I’ve gotten to better know the full extent of the impact that Millard and Linda have had on people through their Christian ministry outreach; I can see how the good they are doing has changed parts of the world and has the potential to change the entire world. The House That Love Built is the remarkable book about a most remarkable journey. —Larry Kincaid, Attorney, Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, El Cajon, CA