This delightful collection of insight and inspiration about maximizing life in the midst of the ups and downs of teen life offers encouragement, inspiration and direction
—by teens for teens—reminders that have the power to support you as you keep reaching towards being your personal best. In these pages, you’ll be reminded of the power of love, friendship, courage, integrity, compassion, kindness, service, forgiveness, perseverance and the many other “taste berry” traits and qualities that call you to a life of meaning, purpose and success.

Gems of truth and wisdom, affirmations (or "affies" as teens call them) are powerful because they’re quick and easy to remember, and great remedies to distraction, discouragement or confusion. Uplifting, loving, motivating and practical, this wonderful book of positive messages are sure to remind you of your highest ideals and inspire you to continue claiming them as your own. Enjoy each day’s inspiration as you take these taste berry "truth and wisdom" reminders to heart.