Oh, Baby! is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney.  

Are you ever really prepared for your first child? Or even the second or third? So you’ve got the nursery set up, the diapers bought and the pediatrician selected, but you may be shocked at how, despite your best efforts, you’re totally unprepared for parenthood! Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year will provide you—the expectant or new parent—with the "real story" about the  many ways a new baby will turn your life upside-down. These changes—which occur in 7 key areas of life—may surprise you:

Love: A new baby will introduce you to the deepest, purest love you’ll ever know, but how can this also    be a painful love?

Self: Having a child “completes you” and makes you a better person, but in what ways will it also    challenge your sense of "self"?

Marriage: Baby’s first year of life exerts many pressures on a marriage. How can you and your partner    work toward moving the pendulum from confinement, confusion and chaos back to fun, reward and    growth?

Career: There are so many decisions to be made. Will you be able to balance all of the responsibilities    that go along with making a living and raising a child—and do them both successfully?

Spiritual Life: The miracle of new life can be spiritually awakening, but in what ways can it also test    your faith?

Friends: Friendships come and go throughout your life—but especially when a new baby arrives. How    does having a baby attract—but also alienate!—friends?

Extended Family: Having a baby is a "family affair" that impacts—both positively and negatively—your    relationships with parents, in-laws and siblings. Is family harmony possible?

While this book is realistic in the ways that life is changed post-baby, it offers practical advice and sensitive know-how to help you survive — and even thrive! — in the first year. Through the use of fascinating narratives, poignant questions, suggested activities and experienced advice, you’ll find solutions that maximize an optimistic view in tackling the challenges that are naturally a part of new parenthood. Best of all, your new coping skills will free you up from the stresses of that first year so you can love your baby — and cherish your new family — for the ultimate parenting experience!

"Our Family Testers found Oh, Baby! to be an informative, well-written book explaining about the many ways a new baby will turn your life upside-down.  The book offers experienced advice and know-how for expectant and new parents and action steps for developing coping skills, while sharing stories of how other new parents overcame their challenges.  We especially enjoyed the discussion questions and communication strategies to head off conflicts between newbie parents ... a true keeper!" — Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com, and author of parenting book, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) -- Having, Doing and Surviving It All! (June 2006)

"Being a parent is a powerful experience, but often we don't anticipate the many ways it will change us. Expectant and new parents will find this book helpful because it examines the very real effects children exert on a parent's sense of 'self,' concept of love, and personal and work goals, and it explores the basis of the deep satisfaction we derive from being a parent. It's the 'what to expect' manual that's real and honest . . . and helpful and hopeful." — Michael Popkin, Ph.D., author of 52 Weeks of Active Parenting

“Having a baby is a dream come true for many parents, but to really enjoy the fulfillment of that dream takes a realistic approach to the many challenges that new parents face. In this wonderful book, the authors perfectly balance the delights and also the dilemmas of parenthood and most importantly give you a wealth of solid, practical advice that will help you and your family make the best of both.”  — John Byrne, author, Reclaiming Your Dreams and Fulfilling Your Life

“As a father of nineteen children, senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, a motivational speaker and an author, I know all about balancing the needs of a family with all the other demands of a busy life. The authors of Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year perfectly capture the juggling act that parents struggle to perform when a child is added to the family. The challenges of childrearing are great, but the rewards are even greater. Whether you’re having your first baby or your fifth, this book is chock-full of wisdom on how to maximize the parenting experience. I highly recommend Oh, Baby!”  Pat Williams, Sr Vice President of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, author of How to Be Like Coach Wooden

“In my work as a therapist and educator, I often search for material that is relevant and honest. This book is a unique approach to helping new and expectant parents navigate through the peaks and valleys of early parenthood. It is a wonderful and necessary addition to the field of parenting and attachment.” — Elise Edelson Katch, M.Ed. LCSW, author, The Get: A Spiritual Memoir of Divorce