Your complete guide to buffing up inner and outer beauty
—confidence, savvy, self-esteem, health, fitness, nutrition, personal style, makeup magic and more! Want to know the key to self-confidence? Here’s the secret: It starts from the inside and radiates out. Whether you want the inner radiance that comes from being genuinely happy and having purposeful goals; the outer glow that comes from eating healthfully, exercising and managing the stress and strains of life; or the personal pizzazz via a great sense of style, color and hair and makeup magic-that arrives on the scene when you do-this book (with awesome "real" photos) will show you how.

"No one knows the value of 'looking hot' as teens do. Having it together' can spell the difference between being one of the crowd or not but here’s the thing: The really "beautiful" are those comfortable in their own skin, and have learned to like themselves. This book will show exactly how to do this." — Kate MacIsaac, Miss California Teen Allamerican