Don’t be fooled, and don’t be native about alcohol and drugs. Even if you’ve made the choice not to use, you’ll have to defend your position to keep it that way. In this powerful handbook filled with real stories from real teens:

The plain facts about alcohol and drugs and their effects on mind and body.

Knowing the fine line between "using" and “chemical dependency” (addiction).

What to do if a friend (or family member) is using.

Clear, assertive "cool" ways to say "no" when you need to take a stand.

What to do if you need help getting clean and sober.

Tools for staying clean and sober once you’ve stopped using (preventing relapse).

"Read this book…it’ll be all you ever need to respect the power of chemicals. If you’re hoping not to use but wondering if 'the crowd' will think you’re a nerd, you’ll learn how to say no and be convincing. If you’re already using, this book will help you break free—and help you stay clean and sober." Brad Schaffer, age 15