Bettie and Jennifer Youngs are back with another new book in their award-winning series for teens. Like the taste berry (a little fruit that convinces your taste buds that all food is delicious, no matter how bitter) these inspirational short storties—by teens for teens—will encourage you to take "cool, caring, and courageous" action in the many decisions you face in life. In this book you will discover:

The changing faces of love and friendship.

The power of being a courageous human being—every step of the way.

The joy of beleiving in yourself and valuing your individuality.

The ability to hold you heart when dealing with your parents—even when you've lost a mom or    dad.

New ways to motivate yourself and find your purpose.

The art of being cool—even if you feel nerdy Like the other books in this award-winning series,    these true stories will inspire you to do your personal best in every area of your life. They will    make you laugh; they will make you cry; they will make you smile in recognition at the    mistakes and triumphs of other teens; and in the end, they will all help you become a cool,    courageous and contagiously happy human being—in a word, a taste berry!