"After being chemically dependent for a long time, I am now clean and sober. To this day I feel that the drug-related death of one of my friends is my fault. I also feel responsible for turning many other people onto drugs. A Tasteberry Teen’s Guide for Living Drug Free helps me, and other teens like me, know I can "redo" my life — and to make amends to all those we hurt." — Ashley Lombardo, 17

"The taste berry books are really cool. Because of reading them, I’ve decided what I want to do in life. Now that I’ve made these decisions, I feel really much better about myself and not so unimportant as I used to feel. Thanks for that!"   — Hanan Dumas, 13

"I once struggled with math. Then a math teacher, Mrs. Jacobson, came along and believed in me when I couldn’t. It was a taste-berry action that changed my life. Though I am an actress, I graduated UCLA Summa cum Laude with degree in Mathematics — and have since co-authored a new theorem. Math really can be a fun subject, and I encourage all of you to face it without fear. If any of you would like some help, please visit my website and when you email me, mention that you got it from the Taste Berries for Teens # 4 book. I always enjoy passing along any (taste berry) gift that was once given to me!" — Danica McKellar, Los Angeles, CA (Actress from TV’s 'The Wonder Years' and 'The West Wing')

"I love these books! Reading them makes me feel less alone — and connected to teens everywhere." — Malia Moriarty, 16 Southbridge, Massachusetts

"I think all teens should read these books. That way we can all know, without guessing, what experiences teens really face and to see how dramatic and traumatic teen life is. As for me, I don’t feel as 'odd' or 'strange' or 'alone' as I’d secretly felt before." — Tom Whitt, 17, Detroit, Michigan

"Reading the Taste Berries for Teens books lift my spirits and it can do the same for you. These books can make you be a positive and caring person." — Melyssa Boone, 17, Millbrook, Alabama

"People sort of don’t take seriously how difficult some days can be to get through for teens. Being a teen is not as carefree and easy as many may think. That’s why the Taste Berries books are so good. They’re about real teens having a 'real' experience. I love these books. And the new one is the best ever!" — Nikeylla Willams-Harris, 14, Alameda, California

"I love reading the Taste Berry books! The stories from other teens help me see my own life better — because practically everybody’s got something they’re worried or embarrassed about. Reading these books helps you feel 'okay' and 'normal.' Best of all, now I know what I can do to solve — or at least better manage — some things going on in my life." — Kay Linn, 15, Irvington, New Jersey