Dr. Youngs’s books and lectures have reached millions of readers and writers in twenty-five countries.
With more than thirty-five successful books of her own, Dr. Youngs also serves as a mentor and coach to help aspiring and experienced writers shape their projects—from initial conceptualization to manuscript shaping to completion. Dr. Youngs works closely with a wide variety of authors, literary agents and publishers throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.

As your personal coach, Bettie can help you:

Understand the journey of "writing a book"—from start to finish
Turn your "idea" into a tangible concept that can be sold
Learn the best ways to create or build upon your "platform" (key to    getting a contract)
Write a perfect proposal (the tool publishers use to acquire a book)
Access your creativity—on a consistent basis
Get disciplined to begin your writing day and learn how to maintain that    momentum
Identify your style for peak-performance writing
Use your own life experiences as rich resources for your writing
Find and work with literary agents
Develop strategies to market your title after it arrives in the bookstore

Coaching by phone or in office. For cost and availability, contact:


Jack Jennings, CEO
Publisher, Hampton Roads

"A veteran author, Bettie knows the publishing
business!  She is also a best-selling and esteemed author — which is why we issued an imprint
in her name."


Tom Gavin
National Accounts Manager,
Resource Books

"Bettie is a real talent. She knows this
business inside out!"

John St. Augustine, radio host, XM Satellite, "Oprah and Friends" and author,
"Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21 Extraordinary People"

"It was through Bettie’s faith in me that my book even exists!"—John St. Augustine, radio host, XM Satellite, "Oprah and Friends," and author, Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21 Extraordinary People"


Susan M. Heim, author "It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence"

"Bettie’s encouragement to write led to my co-authorship of the multiple award-winning book, Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year, as well as to the publication of It’s Twins!"


Jenniffer Weigel, "Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side"

"What a wonderful experience writing this book has been!"


Dr. Lisa Love, author, Beyond the Secret: "The Spiritual Use of the Law of Attraction"

"Bettie commissioned my book, and it's been a huge success; it's in the 3rd printing and secured 10 foreign language translation rights."  "Beyond simple securing contracts for my books, she helped me focus on my career as a whole.  She is a mentor and consummate professional.  She has a great deal of integrity and knows the industry and the field."

Good Date; Bad Date
and Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting by Marla Martenson

"Bettie helped make these books a success for me!"  —Marla Martenson

Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting is an excellent addition to the field of relationships. In this exceptional and fun read, Marla combines the metaphysical teachings of using the Law of Attraction with her years of expertise in the matchmaking field to help navigate through the dating world and find the love of your life. Enjoy this book... and let it help you find your own soul mate!
—John Gray, PhD, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Marla has put together a truly unique and important book on the best possible way to find the love of your life. it;s exciting to find that we possess the power within ourselves to draw in that special someone, and this book will empower you to take control of your destiny.
—Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, co-authors of The Rules

Jennifer L. Youngs, author "Moments and Milestones Pregnancy Journal" 

I so thoroughly enjoyed working hand in hand with a coach in the development of my book—from the process of honing my theme to insuring that I was turning in the manuscript the publisher was expecting. It was also particularly helpful to me to have someone 'translate' the 'fine' print of my book contract, and to have the help interfacing with the publisher of my book once the book itself was turned in. My coach helped make the process a really good experience."